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Our best sellers include something new, something old and of course our most popular products!

hydrating shampoo & conditioner

Feeling a little dry? Our Hydrating shampoo, conditioner and duo packs are the ultimate Hydrating boost that you and your hair need to feel hydrated, fresh and healthy again!

volume shampoo

Are you lacking volume? Our volume shampoo, conditioner and hair masks will bring life back to your hair with effortless volume!

the wow effect. all day long.

We want to eliminate the use of harmful chemicals and reduce the volume of plastic bottles in every Australian bathroom.

- A Grassroots Movement -


A celebration of change towards a simpler, more honest product lifecycle and healthier planet.


We say no to plastics and harmful chemicals. 


We want to inspire people to use sustainable products made from natural, locally sourced ingredients. This reduces both the carbon footprint by minimising shipping and the lifecycle of the packaging through careful selection of green packaging.


Just how good is our packaging? Our packaging is degradable. In just 120 days, up to 60% of the packaging will be dissolved in a residential compost environment.

Our range of eco-friendly vegan friendly hair care and other products are made in Australia from local Australian ingredients! 


 Join the movement to living a cleaner, healthier lifestyle while helping the eco-system.

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