We prefer to nourish your hair and embrace your healthy, beautiful hair not just mask it with chemicals that make it "look" healthy - This is just one of the reasons you feel and see the instant results when you switch to #GRM 

STARTER PACK - Shampoo & Conditioner

STARTER PACK - Shampoo & Conditioner



Ethically derived from plants, seeds, oils, and extracts in order to provide you with cruelty-free, planet-conscious haircare. 


Our packaging is made with up to 60% renewable wood pulp starch and is almost completely degradable.


We are committed to selling high-quality, natural hair care products made in Australia that are kind to the environment and minimises the negative impact on the planet.

we're proud to be

"They have sustainable natural and environmentally friendly products made with greener and biodegradable packaging. The team is super friendly and extremely helpful. I highly recommend."


"Smells delightful, is thick and luxurious. Spreads easily through tangled hair. Leaves your hair soft, smooth, and smelling gorgeous."


"Wow. These products are amazing. I have itchy scalp syndrome and it's completely gotten rid of it. All-natural no sulfates. My hair has never felt better. Love the fact that it comes in biodegradable packaging."


Our range of hair care products are designed to stop stripping your hair of its natural oils and instead promote your hair to look and feel it's best! 

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Natural oils and minerals

Hydrate your hair

Revitalise and repair

Reduce your carbon footprint

Become part of a movement

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