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5 Ways You Can Contribute to Help Make the Earth Greener & Healthier | in 2021

We all know global warming is one of the biggest threats that our planet is currently facing with over 6 billion kilos of plastic being dumped in the oceans annually which helps to increase the rate of climate change!

That's why we need to take steps to counter global warming. Many people believe that they cannot do anything on their own which couldn't be more wrong! While it is important to deploy measures on a large scale, you can also make a difference by taking small steps to help reduce your carbon footprint and also take part in larger projects!

Here are five little things you can do that'll make a large eco-friendly footprint on our earth for a long time!

Make Yourself Aware about Global Warming

Everyone knows climate change is a major problem but they don't realise the extent of it. This is why it is important to educate ourselves through multiple sources. You can read detailed articles online and watch documentaries on your favourite streaming app like Netflix.

You can watch these documentaries with your family and make sure that everyone in your house is aware of their own carbon footprint and what they can do to help minimise that footprint!.

Buy Eco-Friendly Products

With global warming being an imminent threat, there are many established and new businesses that are now focusing on offering vegan and eco-friendly products. You can now buy volumising shampoo online and vegan hair products in Australia that reduce both harmful chemicals and plastic which will help ensure your carbon footprint is minimal.

Using eco-friendly hair treatment products that come in eco-friendly packaging is your first step to helping stop over 373 million plastic bottles from landfill!

Make Small Donations to Environmental NGOs & Volunteer

Search for anti-global warming initiatives in your area and find out if they are looking for volunteers. Getting involved personally allows you to become more responsible and knowledgeable.

Another way you can help environmental initiatives is by donating money on a regular basis. Don't think that your contribution is too small as every dollar counts and there are some really great initiatives out there that are both community focussed and designed for employers to get involved with!

Install Solar Panels!

Electricity produced with coal and oil is one of the major culprits causing global warming. If you're in a position to install solar panels to complement or completely replace your electric power sources. This will not only be environment-friendly but will also save you money in the long run.

Looking to get fit and help save the environment? Ride to work at least once a week and save the earth a whopping 15 pounds of carbon dioxide from being emitted into our atmosphere for a 4-mile trip!

Reduce - Reuse - Recycle

Go through your house and pile up items ready for the bin, everything in your house can be reused or recycled/upcycled into something better!

Many people believe they cannot make an impact alone which is far from the truth. Taking the above steps will make sure that you’ve done your part in keeping our planets green and healthy. Stay green, Stay healthy

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