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Green living in 5 easy steps!

Updated: Dec 2, 2020

Going green is more than just about saving money and being healthier, it's about celebrating and appreciating life, saving the planet and teaching younger generations about eco-friendly living. Every small change impacts the world in a positive light, now more than ever it's easy to make small switches in your life which will benefit yourself and the world.

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Why Involve your kids from the beginning for a cleaner future

Children are our future! Of course we want to live in a cleaner healthier world ourselves, but we also want our children and their children to as well, there are a lot of small changes we can make in our homes to help reduce waste, clean the air and make for a better living but involving our kids doubles that effort when you teach them from a young age and get them involved in helping to create a greener home they take this with them and 9 times out of 10 continuing living a green lifestyle as a adult and then go on to teach their children, this is one of the easiest ways to helping our environment for generations to come because we are tackling the future head on.

Baby reaching for books in green living setting

Here’s a quick list on the 5 easiest ways to go green today:

  1. Switch disposable plastic bottles to reusable drink bottles.

  2. Changing to Eco-friendly hair care products like these Shampoos and conditioners which are made from degradable packaging.

  3. Switch to energy saving light bulbs.

  4. Start a home-made compost bin.

  5. Wash your clothes on cold instead of hot and leave your lights off during the day.

Small changes equals Greener Future

As you can see the small changes are a smooth transition into a greener healthier life, most things you can do to help the environment are things you already doing but making 1-2 small changes like switching to energy saving appliances or washing your clothes on the cold wash will heavily maximise your Eco-friendly living. What small changes can you recommend to making the transition into green living easier? #ecofriendly#zerowaste#sustainable#eco#sustainability#gogreen#sustainableliving#plasticfree#recycle#savetheplanet#nature#environment#green#reuse#organic#climatechange#natural#ecofriendlyliving#noplastic#degradable#ecofriendlyproducts#environmentallyfriendly#greenliving#ecofashion#grassrootsmovement

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